Have you been caught by a Speed Camera?

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There are thousands of speed camera traps on the roads these days and the chances are you will pass at least one each day. Simply enter your vehicle registration in the field below then press the Check Button.

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Maybe you have not noticed a speed trap, or worse still, maybe your registration licence plate has been cloned or stolen and somebody is using it to avoid fines. There are several different types of speed camera in use throughout the world, including Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS etc. Some are forward facing measuring speed as the vehicle approaches it, and others are rear facing, measuring speed as the vehicle passes it. Sat Nav and GPS systems can warn drivers, but do not always work. The SPECS speed camera system are becoming more popular because they measure average vehicle speed between points on a road. These points could be miles apart and so these speed cameras catch many more drivers out.

If you are unlucky enough to have been snapped speeding by a speed camera all is not lost. You might be able to challenge the fine and have it overturned. There are many loopholes in the law that you can exploit if certain conditions exist. There are also several gadgets you can buy for your own vehicle to detect the presence of ALL cameras (including hidden mobile police cameras) and so avoiding a fine and penalty point on your licence. By far the best is the ROAD ANGEL which was recommennded by Auto Express and featured in the Sunday Times. It is great value for money and will pay for itself in a week in saved fines and increased insurance premiums. Check it out!

Road Angel Detectors

Road Angel - One of the best speed detector devices on the market today and recommended by many experts. Featured in the Sunday Times! 2018 Best Buy award winner

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Dual Dash Cam

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam Dual 1080P Front and Rear Dashcam for Car, 1.5 inch 310į Car Camera w/Infrared Night Vision, Sony Sensor, Parking Mode, G-Sensor

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DriveSmart Alpha

DriveSmart Alpha Radar, Laser and GPS Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Detector Inc Mobile Laser Detection & Smart Radar. Alerts to all fixed speed cameras

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Snooper Radar Camera

Snooper My Speed DVR G3 Speed Limit and Camera Alert System with Dash Cam. My-Speed DVR also offers Snooperís award-winning GPS speed trap location technology

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